1942 Chevy Blitz  
I couldn't resist photographing this beautifully-restored 1942 Chevy 'Blitz-Wagon' parked across the road from the brother-in-law's house in Mackay, North Queensland, a few years back.  When the owner returned and climbed into the driver's seat (a pretty young girl!), the door-closure sounded like a new Mercedes, and the engine burst instantly to life with a touch of the starter-button!  As it purred off down the street, I could only marvel at the quality of the restoration!  You see, I had always wanted a Blitz, and had actually been given one in my late teens!  Sadly it was a saw-mill timber hauler at the end of its useful life, and way beyond my resources to restore at the time.  In the end, we drove it out to the 'tip' and walked away.