Several road-trips back and forth to Townsville, Queensland, were required for home improvements and renovation in early 2015.  It was the middle of the wet season however, so an inevitable rain-delay day saw me tramping the banks of the adjacent Ross River with the 9-weight in hand.
An hour or so mid-morning was spent fly-casting from the concrete spillway below Black Weir, where the first flows of the season were just beginning to overtop the wall.  A handsome 75 cm fish quickly nailed my fly in the wash below the wall and gave a spirited account of itself in the open water.  A few longer casts out over the weedbeds resulted in a savage take and a much better fish was soon slicing off the lily-pads and ploughing through the dense hydrilla.  Luckily everything held and after a couple of half-hearted jumps in the open water closer to the weir, a 96cm specimen was slid into the shallows and then briefly hoisted aloft for the self-timed camera.
  Black Weir Barra  
96cm Barra below Black Weir
A heavy midday downpour had me back indoors for lunch and a snooze, however the deluge had swollen all the creeks and urban drains in the Douglas area so motivated by high expectation I wandered back down to the river in the late afternoon.  Sure enough, several big fish were crunching bait in the mouth of a flooded side-creek: I could feel the sub-surface 'boofs' through the soles of my feet!
The difficulty of laying out casts amongst the dense riverbank structure and overhanging paperbarks is best left unsaid, and after a couple of missed strikes the line tightened on a very powerful adversary indeed!  I was in a bind: it was crucial to keep the fish within about 15 metres or lose it to the partially-submerged tree-trunks.  As expected, the barra went nuts in the confined space and it was a very exciting few minutes with sheets of water in the air and my heart in my mouth!  Absolutely brutal, white-knuckle flyfishing!  Although the 4/0 Gamakatsu was almost straightened in the melee, everything held once again and it was an incredible relief to finally lift that 105cm fish for the obligatory trophy photo before release.
  Ross River Barra  
105cm Barra from the Bank, amongst the Paperbarks!